2014          Brainard Carey, Art Mentor, NYC, NY

          2013          Paul Klein Art Webinar, Chicago, IL

1988-1985          School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

1985-1983          New England School of Art and Design, Boston, MA

1983-1981          Boston University, Boston, MA


          2010     Shipwreck Museum, Nantucket, MA

          2006     Peabody Essex Museum, Peabody, WI

          1995     Los Espectros del Romanticismo, Museo Jose Luis Cuevas, Mexico

          1994     Alas, Museo Domestico, Mexico, D.F


          2010     Tree Drawings, Gallery XIV, Framingham, MA

          2005     Creation, Series of Frescoes, Wellesley, MA

          2003     New Gallery Concert Series, St. Peter’s Church, Weston, MA

          2002     NGCS, Premiering Music Composed for Drawings, Boston, MA

          2002     Torsos, Chase Gallery, Boston, MA

          2000     Portals, Chase Gallery, Boston MA

          1997     Galeria Kin,Mexico, D.F.

          1996     Club Americano 207, Cuernavaca, Mexico

          1996     Obras Oniricas y Terrenas, Tepoztlan, Mexico

          1995     Onirica, ITAM, Mexico, D.F.


          2015     Washburn Cultural Center, Washburn, WI

          2014     Washburn Cultural Center, Washburn, WI

          2013     Artprize, Grand Rapids, MI

          2013     Betsy Bowen Studio, Grand Marais, MN

          2012     Betsy Bowen Studio, Grand Marais, MN

          2010     Sea Dogs, Shipwreck Museum, Nantucket, MA

          2009     Boston Arts Festival, Boston, MA

          2009     Gallery XIV, Framingham, MA

          2008     Gallery XIV, Boston, MA

2006-2005     Jane Deering Gallery, Annisquam, MA

          2006     Jupiter People, New England Gallery Concert Series, Boston, MA

          2005     Redbrick Art Gallery, Beverly, MA

          2004     Chase Gallery, Wilmington, North Carolina

          2003     Gifts of Summer, Chase Gallery, Boston, MA

          2002     Red Clay Exhibit, Ritz Carlton, Boston, MA

          2001     X Gallery, Nantucket, MA

          2000     The Colour of Sound, Performance Painting, Boston, MA

          1998     The Horse Show, Chase Gallery, Boston, MA

1997-1996     Galeria Misrachi, Mexico, D.F.

          1996     Club Americano 207, Cuernavaca, Mexico

1995-1994     Galeria Kin, Mexico, D.F.

          1994     Feria de Arte, Colegio Americano, Mexico, D.F.

          1994     Galeria Juarez, Mexico, D.F.

          1993     Espectro de la Naturaleza, Galeria Rivera, Mexico, D.F.

          1990     War and Peace Show, Space Gallery, Boston, MA

          1987     School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

          1985     Galerie La Tour, Grenoble, France


2014       Best of Show, The Gathering, Washburn Cultural Center and Museum, Washburn, WI

2011       Venus Transit, Book Cover Art Selection for Strangely Happy by Joan Margarit

1988       New Forms Regional Initiative Award, New England Foundation for the Arts, Boston, MA

1985       Student Achievement Award, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


Christiane and Joseph Alsop, Peabody, MA                                                            

Richard and Beverlee Brooks, Wellesley, MA

Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscow, Russia

Thomas Langman, Washington, D.C.

Jo Ann Morris, New York City, NY

Catalina Rojo, Ianette, MA

Teaching Experience

          2015          Watercolor Workshop, Sugar Beach, Costa Rica

          2013          Watercolor Workshop, Sugar Beach, Costa Rica

          2012          Watercolor Workshop, Sugar Beach, Costa Rica

          2011          Art Safari, Thomson Family Adventures, Tanzania, Africa

          2010          Art Course for Abriendo Mentes, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

2010-2004          Art Education for 5-12 year-olds, The Hill House, Boston, MA

2010-2009          Decorative Painting, North Bennet St. School, Boston, MA

2010-2008          Art Classes, Boys and Girls Club, Charlestown, MA

          2009          Boston University — The Art of Seeing, Summer Session, Boston, MA

          2009          Art Tour, Thomson Family Adventures,  Costa Rica

2009-1990          Ongoing Private Classes in Art Education

          2007          Intensive Course on Narrative Painting, Merida, Mexico

2006-2004          Redbrick Art Center, Beverly, MA

2004-2000          Artist-in-Residence, Celebrity Series, Boston, MA

2003-2001          The Boston Renaissance Charter School, Boston, MA

2003-2001          The Advent School, Art Residencies, Boston, MA

          1998          Alianza Hispana, Art Specialist, Roxbury, MA

1997-1990          Liceo de Artes Plasticas, Mexico